Tahko Will Continue the Rallycross Sm Series Next Season

This year Riku Tahko will continue in the SM series next season in the rally of the SM-series Supercars SM-bronze. The class is still Supercar and the fleet is Tahko’s multi-year credit card, the Mini Countryman Supercar.

Riku Tahko, 34, competed for the rallicross EM series for three seasons between 2015 and 2017 until he decided to take part in the SM series for the first time in his career with Porvoo driving all season races. With Kaana and Honkajoki third places as well as with Jurva and Jalasjärvi second places Tahko left for Kouvola finals competition as a Supercar class point point, but in Kouvola Ari Perkiömäki and Mikko Ikonen climbed to the end points ahead of Tahko.

– If you say honestly, so you do not really feel the wonders at this time. It is not necessary to embellish it, this is a big disappointment, the SM bronze was finally stuck Tahko commented fresh after the Kouvola competition in an interview with SportsNews.com.

About three months after Kouvola’s race and disappointment, Tahko announced that he will continue in the SM Series in 2019. The Mini-driver’s target for the 2019 season is crystal clear.

– The keys to the championship this season were in their own hands, but the gutter slid in the limelight. Next season I thought I kept my keys tight in my hands and run as a master, Tahko assures me.

One big factor in Tahko’s decision-making was the high level of the Rally Micros SM series, both on the track and outside.

– The level of the SM Series, both competitively and commercially, was a positive surprise and the decision to resume for 2019 was easily established. The crowds were good, our information reached people and YLE’s races were great, Tahko praises.

The SM-Series last race this year was run under the Rallycross Festival Kouvola name and event and in addition to the SM series, the Nordic Championships RallyX Nordic were also shown. From August, this event was well received in praise and praise in August.

– An unbelievable show and a great event all in all! The organizer did a great job when this competition and this kind of rallicross event has to be annually in Finland. This collects not only its basic rallicross successor but also the general public. We had over 100 guests in the bar and everyone really liked the event. A big hatred for the organizer, hopefully this will be an annual event, Tahko fell in Kouvola in August.

The first race of Rallicross SM Series 2019 will be run in Jalasjärvi on May 25th.

Riku Tahkon SM season 2018

Kaanaa – 3.
Honkajoki – 3.
Jurva – 2.
Jalasjärvi – 2.
Kouvola – 6.

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