The Home Ice Hockey Team Honored the Champion

Raahe-Kiekko, who played in Finland’s Ice Hockey League, respected this year’s Super Bowl Championship in the Rallycross Supercross Championship, winning Ari Perkiönen’s great achievement in his home game on Wednesday at the Raahe Ice Stadium.

Before the Finnish Ice Hockey match between Raahe-Kieko and the KHT, Raahe-Kiekko handed over to Raahe-Kieko’s racing and Raahe Sport car drivers Ari Persekutto a number three. Percussion drove the rallycross in the SM series this year as the Finnish champion with that particular number.

For 2018, the runner-up in 2018 was the roster of the SM-Series in the Supercar class, the eighth career and it was the first Finnish Championship in this category. Previously Perkiömäki had celebrated Finland’s championship in rallycross once, in 2008 and then in the Autokrossi class.

The climax of the party celebration ended after the real-life scent of the Raahe-Kieko 7-6 victory. The match’s winning goal was seen during the overtime. The evening also got a pretty surprising turn when Raahe icebreaker left behind after the opening and the last two bets had to be played in the Pyhäjoki Ice Rink, some 30 kilometers from Raahe Ice Hall.

Raahe-Kiekko is the 11th in Finland’s 11th in the 11th and the difference is in the top eight, the team has eight points.

Raahe-Kiekko remembers Ari Perkkiömäka Rallicross Supercar of the Finnish Championship by handing him Raahe-Kiekon …

Published by Raahe-Kiekko Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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