The Rally MM Series is prominently featured in Milan

The Rally MM champion promoted a great show at the Monza Rally Shown in Italy, where all four carmakers from the World Series were presented at the very heart of Milan.

The Cathedral of Milan, the cathedral of Milan, is the second largest cathedral in Europe and is located in Piazza di Duomo, in the heart of the city of Milan in Italy. Milan is known not only as one of the world’s most fashionable centers, but also as the Italian economic center and the capital of the Italian stock market. Now Milan and its world famous cathedral square got rare visitors when the WRC Rally cars hit the square.

From the Rally MM series Toyota, Hyundai, Ford and Citroen WRCs were before the Monza Rally Show at the cathedral square for thousands and thousands of people to be seen at the touch distance. From Milan cars were moved to Monza, where they could see them in the Rally Shown.

– This was a very special occasion for the rally MM series. To bring the World Series of Championships one of Europe’s finest cities to the very heart of the show and showcases, as well as cars in Monza, this all brought a lot of attention to the World Series of Rallies in front of thousands of Italians as well as foreign visitors. This was a great thing for our sport, Oliver Ciesla, the leader of the Rally World Championships promoter.

This kind of rally MM series “roadshow” is scheduled to be held next summer also in Estonia, where a couple of weeks before Neste Rally will be held international Rally Estonia. The idea could also be used to market Neste Rally at the very doorstep of the event. Or what would you say about the idea that the WRC World Rally Championships would be shown a week before Neste Rally, for example in Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere?

Rally World Series 2019 season starts at Monte Carlo on Thursday, January 24th. Neste Ralli will be driving on the first weekend of August.


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