RX2 International towards Third Season History – Seven Races in 2019

The RX2 International series, which was run in conjunction with the Rallicross MM series, also rose strongly this year to the Finns’ awareness, a series of two Finnish novices Jami Kalliomäki and Sami-Matti Trogen.

Formerly known as the Supercar RX Lites Cup and since 2017, the rallicross private class known as the RX2 International series is run in conjunction with the World Series of Race. This is a private class, that is, the cars are all in appearance and technology that is completely identical and driving behind the back of the driver is accelerated by a 310-horsepower turbo engine. This year, a new record was also made when the Höljesi racing competition in Sweden had as many as 29 riders.

This year, RX2 International was championed by Olsbergs MSE Team Oliver Eriksson. From Finnish drivers Jami Kalliomäki finished at the end of the race as the eighth and Sami-Matti Trogen became the tenth in the season opening competition for too young age. From two of them, Trogen came up for a better single racing event when France became the second place. The best quotation for the Rocky Mountains was the sixth place in Belgium.

Next season will be running seven races and the season will start in Barcelona from Spain on the last weekend of April, ending in the last race in South Africa’s Cape Town in November. With this year’s RX Academy, Trogen picked up a place in the RX2 International series for the next season, so Trogen will see at least Finnish drivers also coming next season.

RX2 International Competition Calendar 2019

27.04.-28.04. Barcelona, ​​Spain
11.05.-12.05. Spa, Belgium
25.05.-26.05. Silverstone, England
15.06.-16.06. Hell, Norway
06.07.-07.07. Höljes, Sweden
31.08.-01.09. Loheac, France
09.11.-10.11. Cape Town, South Africa


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